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Cincinnati German Heritage Tours

German Gesellschaft of CincinnatiIn the 19th century, Cincinnati became one of the three major centers of German heritage along with St. Louis and Milwaukee, forming what became known as the German Triangle. Throughout the Greater Cincinnati area there are numerous examples of the impact of German immigration and settlement. German Heritage Tours focuses on them and provides a close-up examination and explanation of them.

See Cincinnati's German heritage as you've never seen it before! See what were once almost exclusively German neighborhoods, iconic buildings and landmarks, and learn about the Cincinnati businesses that were brought here and built by German peoples.


About your tour guide

Turnhalle in CincinnatiTours are conducted by Dr. Don Heinrich Tolzmann, award-winning author and German-American historian, and based on his Over-the-Rhine Tour Guide: Cincinnati’s Historic German District and Environs (Little Miami Publishing Co., 2011). Dr. Tolzmann is a nationally recognized leader in encouraging the recognition and celebration of German-American Heritiage and led the campaign for the establishment of German-American Day - October 6th.

To learn more about Dr. Tolzmann and explore other titles by him on America's German heritage, visit his website.