So Many Choices

Start off With The Right Training

The law is a complicated entity that consists of many different components. Because law is so varied, law students must usually choose a particular field in which to focus their studies. The fields you choose to study will likely affect your job options following graduation. Here are just a few of the categories most students are likely to encounter at law school.

Narrowing It Down

A Few Common Law Practice Areas

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Corporate Law

Corporate law deals directly with business affairs and making sure that corporations operate within the letter of the law. Responsibilities for such attorneys might include writing bylaws for new businesses or drawing up articles of incorporation. Corporate lawyers also tend to deal with intellectual property, liability, and contract law. Securities law is also a possibility, although it tends to require specialized services.

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Criminal Law

If you want to be like your favorite lawyers on TV, chances are you have criminal law in mind. You can choose to be a criminal defense lawyer or a prosecutor or district attorney. Many of the most basic rights granted to people in the U.S. are found in criminal law. Some lawyers may choose to focus on a specific area within criminal law such as white collar crimes or sex offenses.

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Personal Injury Law

Personal injuries are common within lawsuits, and many lawyers find themselves busy with a huge case load. That means right now there is a high demand for new attorneys at personal injury law firms. This type of work can focus on helping victims receive compensation for negligence or helping to protect the interests of individuals and businesses that are being sued.

Go With It

Other Popular Choices

Family law usually deals with marriage, divorce, adoption, and child custody and support. Juvenile law might also fall under this category, which encompasses court dealings with minors. There are many other fields of law to consider as well, including employment, labor, health, environmental, and civil rights laws. Consider your personal interests and passions when deciding which area of law to study.